Big Hexy- Heavy Lift Drone

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Big Hexy is a heavy lift hexacopter built on a 1600mm-class frame. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 55lbs (legally), and a payload plate to mount your favorite payloads. Big Hexy is also upgrade-able so if this isnt the right size for you, we can increase the size and get you more payload capacity. Big Hexy features T-Motor power systems, and a pixhawk 2.1 flight controller. Big Hexy is made in the USA with as many USA components as we can.

Note: batteries and charger must be purchased separately. We recommend 2-4 Tattu or Venom brand 6s 22000mAh batteries with an XT90-S connector. A case can also be included for an additional price.


Flight controller: Pixhawk 2.1

Drone weight: 11.6lbs

MTOW: 55lbs

Payload capacity: 22lbs with 4 batteries, 33lbs with 2 batteries.

Propeller size: 28"

Ideal battery size: 6s 22,000mAh Lithium Polymer batteries (XT90-S connector)